Behavior Consulting




behaviorfingerpaintCurrently contracted with Medicaid, Tricare, United Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, PEHP, Magellan, and Optum.

We also accept payments from Flex spending accounts or health savings accounts.

iBehave Therapy Group employs experienced and educated individuals. We value our employees and provide them with extensive training and regular supervision. Tutors are available throughout the day to best fit our clients’ needs. Currently, we have tutors fluent in Spanish, and tutors knowledgeable in sign language.

Individual Therapy

Using ABA principles we design individualized treatment interventions for each client using evidence-based procedures, along with functional and naturalistic treatment approaches.

School-Based Behavioral Consultation

We work collaboratively with teachers, school staff and families in public, private or charter school settings. iBehave can consult on more intensive behavior plans or develop behavior intervention plans and effective systems of reinforcement for individual students or classrooms. We can also consult and support you through your students Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Potty Training

Using research-based strategies we can help children toilet train. iBehave will assess your child’s needs and skills, then develop and individualize a toileting program specifically for your child and your situation.  We have potty-trained children with many disabilities (anxiety, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and ADHD), and those who are typically developing.

Child, Adolescent, and Adult Consultations

iBehave Therapy Group is contracted with DHS/DSPD to deliver BC1, BC2 and BC3 behavioral consultations.  We provide behavior consultations to adult group homes, residential and day programs, host homes, and after-school programs. Based on direct observation, interviews and a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), our consultants develop a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) that can help the client increase their ability to manage themselves and provide an outline for staff, giving them strategies that will increase appropriate behaviors; prevent situations that may increase problem behavior and detail ways to intervene when problem behaviors occur.

Video/Distance Consultation

Using HD web cameras, video conferencing and email, behavior consultation can be available to you where ever you live. A behavior plan will be developed based on the video observation, and family/parent interview. A behavior plan can help your family reduce problem behaviors and increase desired behaviors. Depending on the camera, real-time consulting can occur at times of high-probability problem behavior.